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Nate is Late in Tamil CN TV-Rip

Name : Nate is Late
Language : Tamil
Size : Under 50MB
Quality : 480P
Plot :
Nate and Malika arrive to school late every morning because something amazing always happens on the way - not that the principal ever believes them.
Episode List : 
Hunted House - Download
Santa's Rain Deer - Download
The Adorable Monster - Download
The Alien - Download
The Carnivorous Palnt - Download
The Cloudy Toy - Download
The Cyborgs - Download
The Dragon - Download
The Enchanted Frog - Download
The Garbage Goblins - Download
The Genie - Download
The Insects - Download
The Kid From  Future - Download
The Leprechaun - Download
The Magic Book - Download
The Mermaids - Download
The Robot - Download
The Secret Agent - Download
The Sorcerer Apprentice - Download
The Superhero - Download
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